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The Permissions of the different classes

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1 The Permissions of the different classes on Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:30 pm


In ascending order of rank
Each level inherits the permissions of the last, unless stated otherwise

Requirements: Login for the first time
use /help - to list commands
use /helpop - to request staff help
use /list - to find out whos online
use /motd - to see the message of the day
use /rules - to find out the rules of the server
use /spawn - to teleport to the spawn
Chat rank color is purple
to make a player a guest, use /manuadd [name] guest

Requirements: Decide to stay on the server
use /afk to mark absence from computer
use /back to return to point of death
use /balance to find out how much money you have
use /balance [name] to find out how much money another player
use /home to go to your home
use /mail to check messages
use /me to denote a player action
use /pay [name] [amount] to pay a player the amount listed
use /sethome to set your home location for /home
are allowed to use all signs, whether it be shops, heal, or disposal signs
can use /suicide to commit suicide
use /warp [warp name] to warp to a location
use /lwc to protect chests
use all mcmmo skills
Chat rank color is yellow
to make a player a guest, use /manuadd [name] guest (staff)
/kit wtools - wooden; pickaxe, axe, spade, hoe, and sword - $20

Requirements: Build a house and make friends on the server. Be relatively active. Prove that you are not a greifer.
use /tpa [name] to request to teleport to the person
use /tpahere to request someone teleport to you
use /tpadeny and /tpaccept to accept or deny a tp request
use /weather to stop the laggy rain
use /depth to find out current depth
Chat rank color is gold
to make a player a guest, use /manuadd [name] trusted
/kit larmor - full set of leather armor - $50
/kit hunter - 1 bow, 64 arrows, 1 stone sword - $100
/kit food - 5 red apples - $50

VIP: (Not an inherited rank)
Requirements: Donate a few dollars to the server. Have "Trusted" Status. ([VIP] will be added after your name. And whatever your rank is will come first.
Example: [Rylandian]Stsguitar23[VIP])

use /god to become invincible to damage
use /nick to give yourself an appropriate nickname (VIP exclusive!)
use /broadcast to send a special message to the server
use /j to jump to where the cursor is
Chat rank color is gold. Player name is also gold
sts will make the player a guest after donation is confirmed
/kit itools - iron; pick, axe, spade, hoe, and sword - free
/kit cmail - full set of chainmail armor - free (VIP Exclusive!)

Requirements: Prove yourself responsible enough to take on a staff position. Help invite new players by posting on the minecraft forum post. And give friendly support to said new players. Must have "Trusted" status.
use /kick [name] to kick someone off the server
use /mute [player name] to mute a player from chat re-enter command to unmute
use /burn [name] to punish a rude player with fire (DO NOT ABUSE)
Chat rank color is dark blue
admins+ may appoint guards with /manuadd [trusted player] guard
/kit garmor - full set of gold armor - $500

Requirements: Play actively at least 2 weeks and be very helpful. Must have support from 3 other active players.
use /broadcast to send a special message to the server
use /j to jump to where the cursor is
use /god to become invincible to damage
use /ban [name] to ban a player from the server
use /banip [ip] to ipban an ip
use /kill [name] to instantly kill a player (DO NOT ABUSE)
use /realname [nickname] to uncover a nickname
use /setwarp [warpname] to create a warp
can break and create: heal, protection, and disposal signs
use /thunder to create lightning
use /tjail [player] [jail name] to put a player in jail.
the two jail names are jail1 and jail2. no spaces. to unjail just type /tjail [player]
use /time to change time (NOT FOR PERSONAL USE)
use /top to ascend to the top block of your position
use /tp to teleport to a player without permission
use /tphere to teleport a player to you without permission
use /mandemote [name] to demote a player
use /manpromote [name] to promote a player
use /manuadd [name][group] to add a player to a group
get past lwc protection
protect areas for players by selection the region with //wand and using /region claim [name of region] [name of player]
Chat name color is light green
Sts picks the mods, and Sts only
/kit protect - 1 string and 1 wooden axe - $10
/kit dtools - full set of diamond tools - $1000

Requirements: Play the the server for at least 2 months and be a helpful mod, who does his job. Must have support from at least 5 active players, one of them must be a fellow mod.
are allowed to fly
use /clearinventory to remove all items in your inventory
use /fireball to shoot ghast-balls (DO NOT ABUSE)
use /heal to heal oneself
use /heal [name] to heal someone else (Don't make a habit of doing this)
use /invsee to view a players inventory
use /kickall to kick everyone from the server
use /kit (to be updated)
use /mute [player name] to mute a player from chat re-enter command to unmute
Chat name color is Blue
Sts picks the Admins, and Sts only
/kit darmor - full set of diamond armor - $1000

Requirements: Know Sts in real life. Exceptions for exceptional Admins who have been with the server for a long time.
Chat name color is dark red
Sts picks the Co-Owner, and Sts only
will have custom kits

Requirements: Be stsguitar23
Use /everything
chat name color is Aqua
Sts is the Owner, and Sts only.

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2 Great! on Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:49 pm

This all sounds fantastic!
I wonder who gave you the idea for Trusted and VIP......*hint*


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