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Super_Creeper's admin app :D

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1 Super_Creeper's admin app :D on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:15 am

In Game Name: CreepeAir (i bought the game)
Position applying for, and why: Adminstrator because i've been in the server for a while ( a lot acually) and i just love it and i want to make it a better place and to prevent griefers/spammers etc from ruining it. I am also very good with plugins but as i saw sts can handle it really good
How long have you been on the server?: I acually don't remember but it's a long time

How long have you been playing minecraft?: i play minecraft for nearly a year now and am very exepeirenced and specially with redstone

How old are you?: I am 14 years old

Are you a good builder?: I am not bad at building but am not a building god and i am really good with redstone circuits

How well do you know, and get along with the players on the server?: I know the old members but i ahve been inactive for a while so not the new ones but why not make new friendships

How active would you be on the server?: i can be like 8 hours a day active in here so am gonna be really active from now on

Would you ever give away spawned items?: Never ever ever i won't even give other admins items and if someone is begging for them he wil be warned

Will you help players when they ask for it?: I will help as much as i can and i love helping them specially the new members

Have you read all the rules?: Sure like 100 times
Name 3 players that have your support, and would approve of you as a staff member(Admin/codeMonkey): XgenSlayer, Drwolfington, tacoz4lolz, Wobs32 and of course i wish your support sts (that's 4)

More info:
there's nothing left to say and i hope i get accepted see you all in the server

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