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I am really getting fed up with the server at this point.

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1. Sts, Pepsi is simply going around putting buttons all over everyone's house.
I would really appreciate it if you would just take a moment of your time and give co-owners the //wand so we can type //replace button air and simply deal with everything that's going on.
2. Don't know if you've noticed yet, but Bukkits been updated.

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One of the reasons im not on the server much, staff are screwing around too much Neutral

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what do you mean by that? confused

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wobs23 wrote:what do you mean by that? confused
Wobs your constantly banning me, trojo, ALLTHETIME, Bandle, Pepsi etc...
YOUR ALWAYS Messing around...
like yesterday was a good example you kept kicking me and kicking me and being an ass to me so....

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... I have several accounts of trojo, allthetime, and pepsi grifing and as far as bandle I'm really not sure what you're talking about. You a have never really messed with anymore than I mess around with others. If you don't like me messing with you tell me to stop and I will Very Happy

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