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1New staff members Empty New staff members on Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:59 pm


I'm going to be picking the new staff members today.
I'm not going to base it off how long you have been with the server, but on a number of things.

Attitude: How much you swear, how you react to other people, how you resolve fights.

Honesty: Basically if I think you will spawn items or not.
(Admins+ will have spawning abilities)

Social Ingenuity: Whether or not you greet new player to the server, and or, help them starting out. And how much you talk on the server and interact with the other players.

Activity: How often you are on the server. I don't care how good of a staff member you think you would be. If your only on half an hour a day, it's not gonna happen. Also, don't think that just because you spend every waking moment of your life on my server you'll be a staff member, that's not how it works either.

Intelligence: Do you blatantly watch people grief and not do anything about it? Many times I've had admins say "Well i did't ban them because I wanted to get your permission." Ok. Your a freakin Admin, you don't need my permission, its your JOB.

Fairness: Some people think that if they catch somebody breaking a dirtblock on someones lawn that means instant ban. Talk to the people about it first, to see if its a misunderstanding. If it is done on purpose, but nothing too severe, give them ONE more chance. But, keep a close eye on them.

Server intelligence: "Hey how do I spawn blocks?" "How do I ban someone?"
If you find yourself asking any of these questions... Your not cut out for the job.

Helpfulness: If someone asks you for help, help them then. Chances are, your just building a giant diamond block tower anyways, and not doing anything important, so go help them then, not 20 minutes later.

Building: Not required at all, but if you have decent building abilities, it would be worth mentioning.

We're looking at
1 Owner
1 Co-Owner
3 Admins
4 Mods

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2New staff members Empty I would like to apply. on Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:45 pm

Since I've been getting a lot more free time lately, I would like to apply for mod or admin. I wont insta-ban soemone who breaks a dirt block or something ridiculous like that, I help people, and I like building. I have been on the server a while and I think spawning items isn't fun at all, it's more fun to work your way to them.

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3New staff members Empty Re: New staff members on Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:06 pm

Attitude: I love the server and like everyone on it so I almost always am in a good mood.
Honesty: No way to prove but to hope you trust me! Very Happy
Social Ingenuity: I think its great when anybody new comes on the server and i want them to say so I try to always greet newcomers.
Activity: This 1 I'm a bit iffy on. Until report cards come out I will PROBABLY not be playing much at all. Weekends if I'm at a friends house i will, but no more than that really. If you dont want to make me staff until i get the computer back then thats cool.
Intelligence: For starters i spelled intelligence right without a dictionary! But, the only time i didnt catch some griefers is the 1 time i didnt have any proof which im still beating myself up about.
Fairness: To be truthful im to lenient but before i feel like that was balanced by harsher staff but if need be i can change by leniency.
Server Intelligence: I used to be terrible with this but after a few weeks i pretty mush got the hang of all that jazz. Occasionally, i wont know a small thing so ill have to ask but that almost never happens.
Helpfulnes: When i first joined this server the first thing i said was "Hey Creepe u need any help with anything?" Is that good enough?
Building: Im a pretty good builder> I helped build your house, I made that beast cathedral on an old map, plus im planning on making the staff house.

I know not the best application but i only spent like 10 min on it. Anyways, just think about it sts, ok? Thanx for reading this bai! Razz

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4New staff members Empty Re: New staff members on Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:51 pm

I thought Drwolfs application was a good way to set it up so I just copied his structure hope thats ok. Very Happy

Attitude: I think I'm in a good mood most of the time. I know recently I've been kind of pissy but that won't last long.

Honesty: I'm always honest. Always have been, hopefully always will be.

Social Ingenuity: I will usually greet new players and I always try to help out when I can.

Activity: I am on a rediculus amount of the time. (3-4 hours a day)

Intelligence: I will never just watch someone grief the server. I will always try to do something if I can. (kick/ban or something along those lines)

Fairness:I like to think I'm fair and I would never ban someone without talking to them first.

Server Intelligence: I know all the basic things like ban, spawn and that sort of thing.

Helpfulnes: I will help whenever I'm asked, and I think I've shown that in the past.

Building: I like to think I'm a good builder, but really the best thing I've ever built is a boat with an American flag.

So that is really it. I hope I get the job and PM me with the results. Very Happy

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5New staff members Empty Re: New staff members on Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:04 am

Attitude: Well u all know me well am very nice to everyone i don't swear (well rarely) and everyone loves me Very Happy

Honesty: Well only for myself i won't even spawn items for sts

Social Ingenuity: well when new players join i will welcome them to hte server very politly asked them if tehy need help and help them if i can

Activity: well for the time being my timezone is diffrent from urs but i can be very active and/or use my time very wisely in helping others out

Intelligence: well in many cases a ban/kick/mute is easy to decide whether u do it or not so i won't be askin for permissions unless am not sure

Fairness: banning ppl is my last solution the first thing is to ask him/her why he/she did it if they're like 'i don't like the building'(in teh griefing case) i will ban them depending on how much they griefed coz as i said before i rly don't wanna use the ban but if needed i will

Server intelligence: this is my thing ! no bragging or anything but i know a lot about a lot of things Very Happy

Helpfulness: as i mentioned before if i can help them and am not doing something important that i can't stop it i will help them

Building: well to be honest i don't have a very good building skills but i can build Very Happy

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