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The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep.

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1 The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:06 pm

It was the most beautiful of morning near Ryland City's Hospital. (except for the screaming lady giving birth to a newborn) The woman's name was Anteepa, she was a short, blond haired woman who was about to give birth to one of the strangest boys. Her newborn son, Teep. You're probably wondering by now, what about the father? Teep's father's name was Pete who was killed in a creeper accident only 4 months after Teep's fetus was born. Just like Anteepa, he was short, and blonde, but Teep never saw him in his whole entire life. Pete was just a mere stranger to Teep.
Twelve Years Later
Teep never knew how his dad died, what he looked like, not even his personality. The only two times Teep asked his mom, she always broke down into tears, so Teep knew he shouldn't ask. But now Teep was 12 years old and he was too impatient and out of no where asked his mom what happened to his dad. She didn't start crying this time. Anteepa sighed finally decided to tell Teep what happened that day. He did die by a creeper, but it was much more than just one creeper.
"Teep, your father was a secret agent hired by the world owner, Sts on a mission to take the boss of all creepers, The Super Creeper." she said, Teep hearing the suspense in her voice. She explained to him everything, from getting his job all the way to the death.
Anteepa lead Teep to the attic where she grabbed a box that labeled "Pete's stuff" on the side. She brought it down to the dining room and place the box on the table. She opened it to reveal a diamond sword, a headset, a tuxedo, and an item spawner. Teep reached for the item spawner, but Anteepa closed the box before he could reach it.
"Promise me you won't go into this box until it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY," said Anteepa. Teep nodded and decided to go take a walk to think about all of this.
Eight Years Later
Teep was 22, healthy, and living in his own house. It used to be his mom's house, but she moved out into a nice village near Splinerville, the village where his dad was killed. (If you've seen Splinterville you could tell alone that atleast 1 person got killed)
Teep got a /tell from his mom it read "Dear Teep, I made a cake for us down at the castle my house how about you come by and visit? Love, Mom.
Teep arrived at his mom's village, it was destroyed. Giant craters surrounded every house along with flames. Teep saw his mom, her legs exploded and he crawling towards Teep.
With her last dying message she typed "This is absolutely necessary." Teep stood up, type /home, ran up to the attic, and grabbed every inch of items in the box full of his dad's stuff. He typed /back and got ready to F*** some S*** up in this B****. He ran through the town killing every creeper without stopping. A little kid screamed from his left, he ran up to the creeper attacking the kid, sliced the creeper in half, and kicked the remaining parts of his body into another creeper which caused them both to explode.
There he was, the man who caused the murder of his father, the Super Creeper. Creepers were now just little goombas compared to the Super Creeper. He chucked ghast fireballs at Teep and his only means of dodging was to deflect the fireballs back into him using his diamond sword. He was doing back flips and spawning cobblestone blocks trying to dodge the fireballs from the large creeper. That was it for his diamond sword, it worn out and now his only means of escape was to use the item spawner. Teep spawned a piece of TNT and a redstone torch. He placed the redstone torch on the TNT, threw it and typed /home.
He was teleported with the only sound of the scream of annoyance from the Super Creeper. Teep knew it had not killed him and he was still out there waiting for him. Teep still lives in his mom's house down in Sorzr's town. Sometimes you will see him walking around Ryland World, looking for Super Creeper. He now only says Teep because he doesn't want any info about him going out. He has only talked gibberish words before like sand castle and snowball. (because one of his friends, tacos put his brain in overdrive with some lightning by accident)You might even hear Teep say his fathers name if you ask him to. To everyone else, Teep is just a young man who takes walks and builds stuff, but it is much more than that. Teep is a brave man who is on a desperate search for revenge to hopefully one day avenge his father's death and kill Super Creeper. The only leads Teep has at the moment is a man on the server named Creepeair, rumors say his username used to be Super_Creeper.
You now all know Teep's backstory and how hard Teep's like has been. So please, be nice to him. He's only looking for his father. study

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2 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:42 pm


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3 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:32 pm

Ugh, too long, tell me the short story, my brain can't handle trying to be smart Sad

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4 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:25 am

there's no way i'll read all of that and teep welcome to the forums buddy Very Happy

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5 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:37 am

now i saw my name at the end so i was reading the end and teep son i didn't kill your father that's right i used to be a super_creeper but not anymore son i didn't kill your father but i know who did it
it's tacos he's pertending to be a normal citizen but he's the king of creeperville where all of the creepers live and i know all of their secrets because a super_creeper is like the second in command but i didn't liek king tacos' way of blowing every village so i ran away and now every creeper in the world is after me and after you as well son so if u see something green run ur ass off
yeah tacos am ready for u and ur green ass army come to me amma kick all of ur asses Very Happy
and btw it wasn't me in the village that day it was one of tacos' magicians that can shape up liek they want tacos set me up that beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeep

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6 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:41 am

lol READ IT Evil or Very Mad (it worth it)

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7 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:46 pm


That was amazing tacos.
Also thats not a real teep.
The forum member IP address doesnt match up with the real teeps IP

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8 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:21 pm

I'm teep. I went through a freaken 20 minute process to make an account just so i can write teep. lol!

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9 Re: The Backstory to Our Good Friend, Teep. on Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:54 pm

wobs23 wrote:I'm teep. I went through a freaken 20 minute process to make an account just so i can write teep. lol!


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