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Ranks (Not including staff) (Not finished)

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1 Ranks (Not including staff) (Not finished) on Wed May 11, 2011 10:55 pm


To move up a rank, you must buy the corresponding house in the Ryland City.

Ryland city rules:
No major house modifications.
No mining in the city or anywhere near the city
No building anywhere near the city. Go back to spawntown and venture forth from there.
No destroying public or private property.
No unliscenced building
No Pvp in the city, unless in a designated area.
-Maybe more to come

Guests: Default
/who or /list
/pvp on /pvp off

LowerClass: Buy a house in the Commoner section. $500
-A simple one story house, fitted with all the neccesitys of life
-Allowed to use MCMMO
-Allowed to have shops
-Allowed to use lockette
-Can start vote for daytime/nighttime
-May own shopping stall in Ryland City

MiddleClass: Buy a house in the Residential section. $5,000
-A pleasurable house of two stories, and 4 rooms on each level.
-Allowed to request teleportation
-Allowed to teleport to crosshair
-Allowed to purchase a Store Shop in Ryland City

UpperClass: Buy a house in the Luxury Section. $10,000
-A three-story manor with a nice yard and a pool.
-May teleport users to yourself
-May place blocks on the head of yourself or others
-Can use CraftBook
-can use /time day or /time night
-Can use mobrider. Lets you saddle anything. Even other players!
-Possibly limited world edit commands
-Allowed a VIP store in Ryland City

Yeah, you guys are awesome. But the Ryland city is for the members. you just get to have fun bossing them around.

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