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New Map for 1.8.1

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1New Map for 1.8.1 Empty New Map for 1.8.1 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:09 pm


There will be a topic in the "Player Forum" for you to discuss
As well as a voting topic

Like I said, as the plugins of the server are being updated, the server will be getting a new map. The est. time of news map is later tonight.
There will not be any factions in the new world, because, other than this breif period, ryland is not a PVP server. The factions was simply a test, and it wasn't very sucessful, a lot of people got mad.

Its going to be two empires with THEMES.
One of the empires will be mine, and I can appoint ONE other person to lead the other one.
Its going to be an economy based server, so there will be certain jobs and ways to make money.
All players will be required to be a resident of either one of the empires.
Any homeless people will be subject to, but not limited to:
Creeper swarms (If i get bored)
and lightning.

If you think any of these sound undesireable, or unpleasent... join an empire. its quite simple really.
As of right now, I'm not planning on the empires going to war with each other, but that could change.
Still debating on making people pay mortgages for their houses. If i can find a plugin that fits my idea, ill add it as a test. otherwise itll jsut be free.

There will probably be a sort of subway, linking the two empires, and they wont be spread across 500 miles of map, they will be reletivly close to each other.

At this point in time, all staff positions are being revised. So if you were a staff member before, you might not be later on.
This shouldnt come as a surprise to you though, considering in the previous worlds, the ration of staff-players was 4:1.

There will be
1 Owner: Stsguitar23
1 CoOwner:
2 Admins:
3 Mods:
getting rid of guards

And non staff members will include:

2 Leaders: one of them will be me, and the other one will be voted by the public. MUST BE A GOOD BUILDER. It is very rare for me to require good buiding on my server, but this is a different case, because this will be what 50% of my server is made of. Will have access to unlimited items, and worldedit. (MUST BE TRUSTWORTHY) Giving out of items to people in your empire will be strictly prohibited, and if you turn in your leader for item-dispensing, you will be allowed to overthrow them, as they will be banned.

4 Officials: (Two for each empire) They will help the leader run the place in their absence. They will have permissions to sell land to new arrivals, or other things that may be needed. Or if the leader is busy, they can attend to matters.
Promotion to" "Official" Is to be granted by the leader

Rylandian/(Name of other townsfolk) the citizens in either empire. My citizens will be called Rylandians, the other leader may pick what they want theirs to be called.

Hermit: The trash of the server. Those who do not belong to a town will bear this horrid label. Feel free to diamond sword their face and steal their stuff.

NewArrival: A player that has just joined will have this label. You MUST at least say HI to them. If you dont, you will be put in a hole. A rather large hole probably, and the new player will be allowed to dump sand on you for their enjoyment.

If a new player is around for more than a half an hour, and has not picked a town, or flat up says they wont be joining one. Officials+ should give them this name.

There will be a temporary building for people to live in while the towns are being built.

Rules for voting for leader:
1. Go to the "PLayer Forum" and click on the topic "LEADER POLL"
2. you may post ONE name, of a player you think fit to be leader.
3. You may NOT vote for yourself
4. You must have a reason for why you think this person deserves leadership
5. This will only be for votes. If you want to discuss any of the rest of this post, go to the "1.8 World Discussion" topic, also located in the "Player Forum" catagory
6. Good luck!

As a wrap up, this should be the most fun we've ever had on the server, if we can get it rolling and turn it into something great. I will pick my own plugins, and write my own permissions file. You can make suggestions, but I won't promise I'll do anything about them if I don't like them.

I might add more information to this, and I will post it beneath this message. So check back regularly.


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