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I have been banned for absolutely no reason can someone please fix this?

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I was banned for no good reason at all after logging on and dieing constantly by admin attacks within seconds of login. I think it was wobs32 that banned me but I'm not sure. I have followed the rules better than many. I have broken none except I have said 2 bad words Wichita is no comparison to sebine's six that if counted so far and wobs32 has grieved my best friend zyphiridon's temporary house. Btw admins befor you claim I lied Wich I may add there are no posted rules against a lie is sone thing told known to be false I didn't know so I don't know is not a lie and I thought it was creepeair. Btw creepeair "I think" is not blame. I like the sever just not so much the admin management where I point out a hilarious quoit from sebine "dumbfuck" "namecalling gets you kicked" the hippocracy in that it utterly sad... I may end the rant plea for help corruption report whatever you want to call it by saying please unban me the ones that banned me are much worse than I am so please I have done nothing wrong, allow me back.

Thank You! And have a nice day Very Happy

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Do fuck off

Thank You! And have a fuck you day Very Happy

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3 See this is exatly what I'm talking about on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:10 am

Thank you swine for proving my point. Btw sebine your up to 7 accounts of swearing.

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Gerbil254 wrote:Thank you swine for proving my point. Btw sebine your up to 7 accounts of swearing.
Thank you faggot for proving my point. Btw sirgren your up to 100 accounts of faggotry.

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well if u wanna acuise someone to make u mod and ur not sure don't say it was me coz ur messing with the wrong admin u ****************************************************************************************************************************************************

P.S: if u don't like how admins manage the server just leave

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some of the previous post's contents were removed for the safety of the audience

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7 Listen on Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:57 pm

Creepe I thought it was you until I heard otherwise why the fuck can't you get over that I wasn't messing with you so stop wetting yourself and get over it and so I dislike some of the staff it's still a good server and I want to play on it so someone that isn't a raging jackass please comment on this post and see my logic

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o i forgot to tell u it was an honor for me to ban u

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9 It was an honor to ban me? on Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:10 pm

You are not worthy of that honor you also have no reason

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