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1Hey read this Empty Hey read this on Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:33 pm


So I get about 10+ requests for the server every day, and its a bit much to handle. I ususally end up forgetting what the request was, or forgetting to do it in general. So anything you think should be added to the forum should be posted in this section. This includes things like.
-plugins you would like to see
-permission nodes you want
-server suggestions
-personal requests such as asking for items for a large project or something along the lines of that.

if you have asked me for something in the past and I haven't done it. please post it here. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do it, which is why i made this post.

Please also remember that just because you ask for something. Doesn't mean you will get it. They are mearly suggestions.

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